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Welcome!  I’m really excited to get to know you.  So- you’re a wife, a mother and a pastor?  Great!

My whole life I knew I was different.  I never really had an ‘in’ crowd in school or my work places.  Once I became a Christian and ventured into the journey of marriage and family I still felt different, as if I were an outsider.  Surrounded by a wonderful church family and wonderful people in ministry, I still felt different-and sometimes lonely.  It was because I wasn’t like all the other mothers and wives I knew.  Yes, many of us are called to ministry, but normally our husbands are the leaders and we are the supporters in their ministry.  However, my husband is not a pastor, I am.

And you know what?  That’s okay!  I’ve learned the hard way that, yes, I really have heard from God and that I am in His will for my life.

Back in the spring I was completely overwhelmed.  I felt as if I were drowning.  Between the demands of ministry and family I felt there was no way up to get air. I wanted help and refreshing.  I wanted to be ministered to.  I did some digging online on female pastors. Hoping to find videos, websites or blogs on women pastors.  Something with little nuggets of advice for what I was going through; only to find TONS of articles and blogs on pastor’s wives or why women should not be pastors.  I LOVE that there is a huge industry dedicated to ministering to pastor’s wives, it’s needed. However, I’m not one.  I am the pastor, my husband is the ‘pastor’s husband”.  He is the leader of our home, but supports me in ministry.

Instead of having self pity of nothing for “me”, I figured I’d start something. I’ve waited in hesitation for a while for several reasons.

  • One– Fear.  Fear of being overly exposed, overly vulnerable, and failing. What if I offend someone at my church? What if I mess up theologically?
  • Two– Inexperience. I’ve been in the church scene a while, but not as a pastor.  What do I have to offer? I know other female pastors that are more experienced, better speakers, and more theologically sound than myself.
  • Three– Humility. Am I being arrogant by posting pictures, sermons and details about myself? I hope not.  My purpose is to serve you and for us to sharpen each other.

I can sum up these questions with one word: Jesus.  Yes, I could fail- but failure isn’t fatal. Yes, I don’t have a ton of pastoral experience.  But isn’t that what I want, to walk through this journey with you? To be real and vulnerable together? And yes, posting my life could seem arrogant, but I have to remember: we are on this earth for two reasons- to know Him and to make Him known. God gives us abilities to glorify Him with.  If my ability to speak, be real and raw will help you breath a little easier and drawn you closer to Jesus, then I’m doing what He’s asked me to do.

I’m excited to walk this with you. Praying for all who read and listen that you will be anointed, filled with wisdom, and blessed beyond all measure.

Blessings to you who are living the life of a wife, a mother and a pastor (or a woman in ministry).

Pastor Rachael

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