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Pastor, you need a vacation. Feel like it’s too late to indulge in a vacation this summer?  Think again.  Even if it’s just a couple of days, do it for your family.  Or if it really is too late then schedule one at Christmas.  Whatever you have to do, make it a priority.  In last month’s blog You, Pastor Need a Vacation- 7 Simple Ways to Afford a Vacation I offered places that can actually get you out of your state in a way a pastor can afford.

Here are a few tips to help you create and save money for your getaway:

BONUSES- Do you receive a bonus from your board at Christmas?  Money from Pastor Appreciation?  Put a portion aside for a getaway. I know, there’s always something else to spend the money on, but how much longer do you have your kids at home?  Take advantage of this time as much as possible.

CONSIGN CLOTHES- Your kids growing out of their clothes?  Done with yours?  Consign them.  Thrift stores are easy, but if you can make money on them, do it. I have designated all my consign sales for our vacation spending money.  When I know where we are going, I make it a point to know what we will be doing there and use my consign money for that purpose.

FB RESALE SITES-  I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook resale sites, BUT I have made some money towards my vacation spending money.

SWITCH TO AN AIRLINE CREDIT CARD- I talk about this in my last post.  If you are using a credit card, make it work for you.  I try my best to use these points for flights, but things come up.  Next month I’m using my points to ‘pay’ for my hotel for my cousin’s wedding in Chicago.  I also used them to rent a car a few months back for a funeral.

Dave Ramsey would disagree with me on this topic, but I don’t use the card unless I have the money to pay it off right then.  You cannot earn the points unless they are paid for.  So, if you are not disciplined enough to use a credit card then don’t do it.  Skip this one.

PS- I use my church card points for gas cards.  This helps cover a majority of our gas on road trips.

GROUPON-  Do you know where you are going?  Type your destination into Groupon’s search bar and check out all the deals that pop up.  You can save anywhere from 20-60% on hotels, museums, and restaurants.

RESTAURANTS.COM- If you don’t mind being an adventurous foodie you can get gift cards to restaurants around your destination for as much as half price!  I tend to pack most of our food and if there is a kitchen I cook, but I like to eat a few meals out- because well, it’s a vacation!


I know many of you really feel like you can’t take time away.  However, please pray and reconsider. Your family needs time away from their home and church with you.  Whether you are married, single, have a family, you need time away to refresh.


“Dear Lord, you see our family needs time away.  I pray that you would help us create opportunities to do this.  Help us find deals and bring us the provision to create family memories. Help us to be wise in our decision making and help us to draw closer together as a family.  In Jesus Name, AMEN.”

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