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DREAMS-Part Two: Killing your Dream so God’s Dream Can Live

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“Whom shall I send?”

With heartfelt emotions and tear filled eyes we said-

“I’ll go. Send me.”

The answer to God’s call of ministry seemed so simple in the moment.  We really did mean it. We did mean that we would go anywhere and do anything that He asked of us. But our flesh gets in the way.

In my few years as a Christian I have learned many things, but one that is still the hardest for me to swallow is there are times my dreams need to die in order for His to live.

When I said, “Yes, I will go for you,” did I really mean it? Was I caught up in emotion? It doesn’t matter. Let my yes be yes and my no be no.

“Lord, I said I would go, but you are sending me to places and people I don’t want to go. You’re having me go into territory that I have ran from for so long. But I have been a Jonah for too long. I surrender.”

“Ah, yes,” says the Lord. “But it was Jonah who witnessed one of the greatest revivals of the Old Testament. When you said that you would go, wasn’t it just for that- to see revival? To know Me and to make Me known? Does it matter how it happens as long as it does? I know you better than anyone. I know the plans I have for you, it is up to you whether you want to live them. I give you the choice. You have dreams, but mine are far greater than you will ever have for yourself. It will be hard, it will be painful. But it will be even more so against my will. You said once that you would go, will you continue to go? Will you let your dreams die so mine can live?

“Again, I ask you: Whom shall I send? Will you, dear daughter, give up your dream so you can live mine?”

My lack of worship has put my thoughts on my dreams instead of His. In my busyness of doing ‘godly things’ I have made myself tired. Being tired has made me self-focused, and in being self-focused I have lost sight of the Lord.  We worship not to get our own way or to manipulate, but we worship so He can have his way.  So the purpose of knowing God and making Him known can be fulfilled whether this time in our lives is for a season, so that dream may possibly be resurrected, or if it’s for life.

“Send me. I shall go for you, Lord. To know You so others may know.”

“Father, please forgive me where my focus has been on myself instead of you.  I know you have placed dreams and desires in my heart.  Please bring those out of me that I may go in the direction you want. Lead me and guide me Holy Spirit. I surrender my dreams to you so yours may live. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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