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There is a Message Inside You!

Please welcome from my dear friend Pastor Rose, a word of encouragement:


“There was a message that lived INSIDE the prophet Jeremiah. A direct message from God
– Torture couldn’t stop it
– Threats, jokes and rumors couldn’t deter it
– His own worries about what it even sounded like didn’t get in the way
What was in him needed to be said!

What has God given you to say? Where has He placed you to be His voice of truth and love in your world?

You might say..
“Others are already speaking – Why should I?”
“I’m not __________________ enough.”
Dear one, am there/been there… I get it.

Those thoughts come in waves, especially before a season of change and influence.

It will not look and sound like everyone else, and that’s a good thing, because it’s from you … an original!

God has placed YOU on this earth ON TIME and ON PURPOSE!

Speak up… write the blog… the book, make the call, tell your story, have the hard conversations wrapped in love.
And let God take care of the rest. He’s big enough

Wow.  Is this you?

How many times have we told ourselves we are not adequate to do what God has put in front of us?

Maybe someone told you that you were not enough due to age or experience.  Or it could be that you fear the unknown. Whatever the reason, you’re holding back the voice He has placed inside you.

If there is a message burning inside of you, I encourage you to share it.  Your message may not be for today, but if you write it down, it will be used- for HIS perfect time and purpose.  Ask God how it is to be shared and look to a wise councilor you trust. I cannot wait to see how God uses you to deliver His message!



“Lord, like Jerimiah I feel the burning inside me.  A message that could only be from You.  Please show me how to deliver it.  I surrender to you the right place and right time. Have your words flow through me so that I will bring glory to your Son’s name and not my own.  In Jesus name, amen.”


Was Pastor Rose’s word for you today?  Comment below!

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